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Japan Live Shows

I have compiled a list of all the live dates I know about, but there is a lot more information that could be added! Read the pages with links below, then contact me if you have any more details.


Be aware that the actual live dates may differ from some dates you may have listed on bootleg tapes or CD's; they are in some cases incorrect e.g. the "Methods Of Dance" bootleg CD states it was recorded in April 1980, but the concert took place in February 1981.

Sources; Viva Rock Japan Chronology, NME, Melody Maker, Sounds, Record Mirror, Bamboo and various other adverts and clippings from "official" sources (e.g. promo flyer for the "Obscure Alternatives" tour). Any corrections would be most welcome, but I need to know your sources.

July 2002 update - credit must go to George Gimarc's "Punk Diary 1970 - 1979" which includes a lot of the early tour dates. You can visit George's website here.

Update May 2010 - additional information added from Mick Karn's book "Japan & Self Existence". Click here for more information about the book.

Update September 2013 - many thanks to Nick Huckle for additional information and to Ray Morrissey and his website raysgigs.com

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