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Includes "After a Fashion" and "Textures" with Mick Karn

The DVD above includes footage of Yellow Magic Orchestra in the recording studio.

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canvas silver

UK Silver presentation disc

Oil On Canvas (June 1983)

  1. Oil On Canvas
  2. Sons Of Pioneers
  3. Gentlemen Take Polaroids (not on first UK CD or Canadian CD)
  4. Swing (not on first UK CD or Canadian CD)   (end of Side One on vinyl)
  5. Cantonese Boy
  6. Visions Of China
  7. Ghosts
  8. Voices Raised In Welcome, Hands Held In Prayer (end of Side Two on vinyl)
  9. Nightporter
  10. Still Life In Mobile Homes
  11. Methods Of Dance (end of Side Three on vinyl)
  12. Quiet Life
  13. The Art Of Parties
  14. Canton
  15. Temple Of Dawn

Billed as "Japan recorded live" it actually contains a lot of studio material, including three new instrumentals and a re-recorded "Nightporter". Masami Tsuchiya plays guitar. In chart terms this was Japan's most successful album; released at a time when interest in the group was at it's peak in the wake of the split. 

UK chart position: 5, Japan national chart - 11 - a real achievement, No1 on overseas artists chart.

  • UK double album: VD2513
  • Australian double LP: VD2513
  • New Zealand souble LP: VD2513
  • Canadian double LP: VD2260
  • French double LP: 302178
  • German double LP: 302178-406
  • Dutch double LP: 302178-406
  • Italian double LP: AVID 22513
  • Chinese (Taiwan) LP: 3032 - this has a black sleeve!
  • UK/EU original CD (white border booklet, no barcode, made in France by MPO): CDVD2513. Later pressings made in Holland and have barcode on the back. 
  • Canadian CD: V2 86479 is on the CD but on the spine it is V2 0777 7 86479 2 8
  • UK re-issue CD 1992 with all tracks and green border booklet (made in Holland or Austria): CDV2513
  • USA CD with picture booklet: CAROL 1832-2
  • UK Remastered 2-CD version CDVX2153
  • UK Remaster 1 CD jewel case version: CDVR 2513
  • Japanese double LP with booklet: VIP6/7
  • Japanese cassette: VCW-3722
  • Japanese double CD, 1988: VJD25009-10
  • Japanese double CD re-issue (1991): VJCP36015
  • Japanese double CD re-issue (1993): VJCP-36042-3 
  • Japanese double remastered CD (2003) VJCP-68603-4
  • Japanese card sleeve version VJCP68874
Thanks for the scans Ozboyz and Stefan!

Oil on canvas

Japanese LP - the 2008 card sleeve version comes with the same obi


Japanese promo LP


Japanese re-issue LP, promo

Hong Kong

Hong Kong LP with free poster sticker

back sleeve

Back of the LP sleeve

UK label

UK record label, matching the sleeve design.

New Zealand 

Chinese label

Australian promo (click here for large version) and the regular label

Japanese white label

Japanese promo and stock labels

VIP 6-7

Canadian LP label

French LP label. This uses the same matrix as the German and Dutch LP's.

Italian label

Italian LP label

German/Dutch LP label

Hong Kong poster

Fold out insert/poster that came with the Hong Kong LP only. The photos were taken during Japan's visit to Hong Kong in December 1982. Image by Andy.

Video advert

Hong Kong and UK adverts for the video that were included with some early copies of the LP.


Front of the UK re-issue cassette, OVEDC 406

Canadian cassette

UK cassette

Oil On Canvas

1st UK cassette inlay and tape  TCVD 2513


Australian Cassette

unofficial tape


Unofficial tape, including tracks from "Assemblage" MAX 2071


Malaysian cassette T60J5, which omits Canton, Temple Of Dawn and Voices Raised... 

IMD tape


Another unofficial tape, this one on the IMD label (IMD 8773)


Original CD - this is the version that omits Polaroids and Swing

Original UK CD

Second UK CD booklet


Second UK CD disc

caroline 1832-2

USA CD booklet rear and picture disc



Japanese double CD from 1988, insert and disc



Japanese double CD from 1991 VJCP-36015


Japanese re-issue double CD  VJCP-36042-3 



Japanese remastered version, front and wrap around obi. The Japanese release is actually made in the EU but is shrinkwrapped with this large wraparound obi. 

Canvas UK discs

remastered CD discs - these are the same for the UK and Japanese pressings

UK remastered single CD in jewel case
back sleeve

Back sleeve of the remastered CD

UK double CDR promo

Japanese CD

Japanese CD disc from 2008. The cover is a mini LP replica of the original album sleeve.

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