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Gentlemen Take Polaroids EP

UK October 1980

A: Gentlemen Take Polaroids 3.28
B: The Experience Of Swimming 4.02
C: The Width Of A Room 3.11
D: Burning Bridges 3.59

This double single is a must-find item for collectors as it includes a track you can't find on any other release: "Burning Bridges" is a version produced by David Sylvian that has not been released on CD. Also produced by Sylvian,  "The Width Of A Room" is the only Japan track written by Rob Dean.UK chart position: 60.

  • UK double 7" Virgin VS379

Thanks to Peter Hyde and Toby for providing the scans of the autographed sleeves. Thanks to Stefan for the label scan. 

back sleevePolaroids single

The double pack unfolded

inside the cover

Inside the gatefold cover


Some copies came with a sticker on the sleeve
Uk single

Gentlemen Take Polaroids

UK & Australia 1980

A: Gentlemen Take Polaroids 3.28
B: The Experience Of Swimming 4.02

About 100 fully autographed copies of the standard single were given away by Smash Hits in a competition. I have also been told that a signing session took place at one of the big London record stores. Three examples of the autographed single can be seen here

UK and Australia, same catalogue number and same sleeve as UK double single -  VS379 

UK autographed sleeve

aussie promo

Australian white label promo

Australian a side B side
Australian A and B side labels.

Gentlemen Take Polaroids

Japan October 1980

A: Gentlemen Take Polaroids 3.28
B: Burning Bridges 3.59

This comes with an insert with lyrics on the back. The artwork in the bottom left hand corner features several "Japan" playing cards with the faces of group members and a crushed coke can with the word "Japan" instead of "coke"

  • Japanese 7" Victor VIPX-1550

Picture insert
Lyric sheet

Back of insert with lyrics

white label
White label promo

Gentlemen Take Polaroids

Germany October 1980

A: Gentlemen Take Polaroids 3.28
B: The Width Of A Room 3.11

  • German 7" Virgin 102513

Thanks to Mark for contributing the promo sheet and Stefan for the back sleeve and label.

back sleeve

 Press release included with promo copies.


Gentlemen Take Polaroids

3" CD - UK 1988

  1. Gentlemen Take Polaroids (album version)
  2. Cantonese Boy
  3. Methods Of Dance

Nothing new here, just a sampler for the Japan back catalogue on Virgin housed in a miniature gatefold "Polaroids" sleeve. The cover says "Three 12" versions" which is true, but not very exciting as the 12" vinyl versions of these tracks were identical to the album versions.

  • CDT32.
inside the cover
Polaroids CD single

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